Death Poverty; the UK’s Dismal Trend

Death Poverty; Can You Afford to Say Goodbye?

Death Poverty

Loved ones deserve dignity after death. Unfortunately, family members are finding it increasingly difficult to raise money for a basic funeral.

The rise of funeral poverty in the UK is a dismal trend; funeral costs have risen 70% in the past decade. Wages on the other hand have barely budged! The average funeral in the UK now costs £4,078 –and the total cost of dying has risen to £8,905.

Death and its financial implications aren’t routine enough for us to be familiar with. Losing a loved one is traumatic enough, but now many of us have to worry about costs.  Those on average incomes are left unprepared and suffering; death poverty is an unfortunate reality.

A recent report from SunLife shows that a majority of us are making financial provisions for our funerals but we are not leaving enough to cover the full cost. The report shows that one in nine families struggled to find the money to pay for their loved ones’ funeral, causing serious financial stress when left to cover the shortfall.

This group had to find, on average, £3,294 to cover costs:

  • 27% had to borrow money from a friend or relative
  • 23% had to put the costs onto a credit card
  • 13% had to get a loan
  • 12% worked out an instalment plan with the funeral director
  • 12% had to sell belongings to cover the cost

What can you do?

Nobody wants to think about their mortality but preparation is key.

Don’t assume that you can rely on Government provisions. The Government social fund currently only covers up-to £700, 15% of the average funeral cost. The contribution can also take around three weeks to receive if you are considered eligible to receive it.

There are affordable financial provisions you can put in place that cost as little as £5 a month depending on your budget and what stage of life you are in. Click a green buttons below find out more or to compare quotes.

Life Insurance  Ensures your family’s lifestyle and living expenses can be covered financially without you.

Over 50s Plan  A way to leave a generous lump sum to loved ones as a gift and to pay towards funeral costs.

Funeral Plan   A funeral you can plan and pay for in advance, alleviating your family of any costs.


As well as making these financial provisions, it’s just as important to talk to your loved ones about what type of funeral you want. Don’t shy away from openly discussing your preferences. Families can struggle to cover the costs of an expensive send off when the deceased is often quite happy with a low-key affair.

Lastly, share this information. It will help to break down that awkward barrier we feel in acknowledging death. We don’t want you to think about dying, but simply about preparation and security. Let your friends and family know how they too can simple and easy steps to make sure the people they love don’t have to suffer in the future.



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